Wallet for Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Gift Cards and Warranties

Loyalty cards of many brands is a driving force connecting millions of users. A study reveals nearly 72% of the mobile users believe that app shopping is hassle-free. Many health-based apps have also started using coupons to attract consumers.  Many customers are struggling to track and use these money saving options optimally? BcLapp is the solution for redeeming your loyalty cards, coupons, or warranties for the stores based in your region. It has a wallet for Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Gift Cards and Warranties to search, store, share and track these information.

How Does BcLapp Wallet Work?

According to Statista, the forecast of redeeming digital coupons across the globe is going to be 31 billion in the year 2019. Nearly 61% of the users use coupons for the mobile apps that help them to shop more. Here is how BcLapp supports the coupon or warranties in their app:

  • Search Loyalty Cards in Wallet Option:To use coupons or warranties in your BcLapp, the users must choose “Wallet” option on the user interface of the app. Click on “Wallet” option. An interface will appear showing options of Loyalty cards or gift cards. Under the Loyalty Card option, you will find loyalty, receipt, warranty, and coupon. In the search bar menu provided on the top, you can search for any smart coupon or warranty you would like to redeem in the store.
  • Using Warranty Option: On the top bar, the users will see a “+” button. Click on this “+” button and the list will appear. Now, choose warranties from it. A screen will appear where the users have to fill the information like store name, product name, card number that can be any Smart Label as BcLapp provides advanced scanning options and expiry date. The warranty image will appear in the image field. Now, click on add and the warranty card will be added. At BcLapp, you can store the warranty card information and get a reminder too when it is close to expiry.
  • Use Coupon Option in BcLapp: Click on the “+” button on the top right. Now, choose coupons from the list. An interface will appear where the users can add coupon information like store name, product name, scanned card number, expiry date, and image of their coupon. After this click on add, the smart coupon will be added to the app. You can redeem it instantly on your next purchase or even get notified. If an item is added to ‘List’ that has an existing coupon, the app will indicate the availability of existing coupon to the user. Finally, BcLapp provides an opportunity for the users to redeem their coupons on the spot and can notify the user before expiry date.
  • Use Gift Card Option in BcLapp: Click on the “+” button on the top right. Now, choose gift cards from the list. Enter the amount spent when using the gift card. The balance information of the card will reflect the balance for tracking purpose. The app will notify if the card has an expiry date.

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