Track Products and get Recall Alerts to avoid potential problems

Now that you have embarked on a mission to eat nutritiously and lead a healthy life, let there be no stopping. It is true that staying on diet involves fresh fruits and vegetables. A few people or to say, as many as 45 million Americans go on a diet every year. People buy grocery products that are recalled by manufacturers sometimes. BcLapp, can help to track product and get recall alerts when firms announce such recalls.

As per FDA, the government publishes a report with the list. Still, not everyone is aware of these changes and they may continue using it. How would you like it if you come across regular alerts and notifications on your phone about the same? BcLapp does just that with a special feature.

How the Product Tracker Works?

BcLapp has come with a stunning feature to ensure you consume healthy food. Based on the items a user want to track by adding them to the ‘receipt’ section in ‘Wallet’, the app’s recall tracker works. The app users receive alerts when CPSC and/or FDA publish a recall alert. BcLapp users get push notification as an alert if the product is tracked. This is indeed blissful for everyone, from watchful new parents to the people who are quite busy to note that.

Notifications are in the menu option of the dashboard. Check out the alerts on a ticker at the bottom of the app page too. In case you wish to know more about the time your food can remain fresh and edible, click on the Footprints option.

Importance of Recall Alerts

BcLapp is helping users to consume safe products and live healthy. Consumption of old food can never bring you any closer to your fitness goal. Many people have this habit of storing food in the fridge for long. They feel that the food is safe there. However, whether it is a dairy product, seafood or fresh vegetables or even pulses, there is shelf life. One in six Americans gets sick from stale or rotten food even from salads. BcLapp can not only help to track products and get recalls alerts but also gives expiration alerts for products when tracked.

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