Measure and Monitor Calorie Intake Easily with BcLapp


Certain times of the year, people feel that they need to lose weight they have gained. Thanks to the prolonged season of festivity, people do shopping, indulge in pastries and cakes, wine and rich food putting on anything around 6 to 8 pounds on average! When they work out, they first check their weight and eat with care. We all know that all the foods have their nutritional value and while a little of everything is fine, we should be aware of eating them in the required quantities. So, we all should eat only the right amount of calories and fats. However, to take care of all these daily is also difficult in a busy schedule. Thus, BcLapp, a smart app, comes in help for the weight conscious consumers. You can now measure and monitor the calorie count that you consume.

How Does BcLapp Direct Your Eating Choices? It becomes necessary to keep a track of the food you eat. You may be too busy to make a meal every day. You may rather prefer grabbing a bite of a burger or some junk food. Now that you are serious about losing weight, let BcLapp take your journey forward. The app is easy to handle and all you need to do is go to the search bar and type the food product you wish to consume. It will give you options to search the product or its recipe. Further, on selecting the option of “Search Product,” you can also search based on calories and the protein you have set as your limit for the day. The app will then drop down the list of dishes you can prepare. This will surely take care of your calorie monitoring requirement.

Keeping A Track Of Calories from Products You Buy Do you think that though you may be cautious about the calories in food that you eat, you may not be so sure about the products you buy? With BcLapp, you can monitor that too and this is what makes every bite of yours healthy. The app will also alert you if the manufacturer of that product has announced a product recall.A good way to live life is to eat healthy food and in the right quantity. It is time for you to not assume the calories you have every day. Just be sure to measure and monitor the calorie by using BcLapp and eat your way to good health.

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