How Receipt Scans Can Track The Shopping History for Users?

The world cuisine has now become more close-knit. Every foodie or culinary expert anywhere in the USA can get authentic Greek or Italian ingredients to add in their dishes. This is what is now famous as Virtual Shopping. However, you may wonder if you can even think of that pasta or pizza since you are dieting. Of course, you can try cooking their healthy versions right at your home. BcLapp has made your kitchen nothing lesser than a five-star restaurant. You can conveniently shop from the app or local store and use the receipts for reverting to them when you wish to make the same purchases later. Essentially receipt scans can track the shopping history for users.

How Receipts Can Help You Get Clarity of Your Last Purchase?

Go to the “Wallet” icon and simply type the desired product in the search bar. This will show a list of relevant stores and then the receipts. The app results will display the date of purchase when the user bought the item. In case, users have already bought the item from BcLapp or from a local store, and wish to know more details about the ingredients, click on the “Receipt” option in Wallet page. Users can store the product ingredients and nutrition information in the app for tracking or reference purposes.

The app is great to help the users in picking ingredients of some exotic dish and from a specific brand. Users can also know about the discount got for buying that particular brand. In this way, users can compare and find any savings. Users will know the date of purchase as well as the expiry date of the product if tracked. Another benefit of how receipt scans can track shopping history.

Informative Receipts for Smart Shopping Experience

Every purchase will have its benefits if you are shopping with the assistance of BcLapp. As per the report, around 42% of Americans shopped online. This app makes the users shopping, cost-effective and easy thereby making it a better experience. The receipts of the items in this app are informative with the required details as well as comparable when a user buys the same item next time. User might even get a clear idea of the product, whether it actually tasted that authentic or gave the desired satisfaction. These are a few of the benefits of BcLapp that makes the user not just healthier but also a smart shopper.

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