Find Healthy Product With Right Ingredients and Nutrition


With an unhealthy diet come running many physical problems. The unhealthy diet is a cause of millions of people dying each year due to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, etc. This makes us understand the value of inclusion of good nutritious food in our diet. The intake of healthy food is important and should be made a part of one’s lifestyle. This is what BcLapp is doing for the consumers. It is your one-stop solution for ingredient or nutrition based search to find healthy products having the right nutritional value. The app helps people to seek the ingredients of a particular food product before placing an order. It also helps them to check whether he/she is allergic to the food product or not.

Prepare Your Shopping List without Hassle

BcLapp helps the consumers to search right food products for them. They can even see coupons, warranties, access their loyalty cards, etc. This application has made the consumers to ward off any conflicts that otherwise 80% of the consumers possess about making the right decisions regarding their food products.

You can download BcLapp on your iOS or Android phone to get you a handy shopping list for healthy products. After downloading the app, you just have to sign up and voila! Get started with a healthier lifestyle:

  • Search for Product: In the search tab of BcLapp, you can write about any food product, for an example “Burger” Now, choose the option “Search Product” and you will get a list about various brands offering the Burger. You can choose according to your preference of ingredient or ingredients to avoid. After choosing a brand, you can add it to your shopping list. Here, you will get details about the product and price comparison.
  • Advanced Search for Healthy Products: By clicking on the top right lines, you will get some advanced list of several categories like Art, Beauty, Health, Clothing, and many more. If you choose the category “Health,” it will further list out sub-categories. After selecting the option, it will display a healthier version of Mushroom available in the market.
  • Filter your Avoidable Ingredients: If you are allergic to some ingredients in your product, you can check it out using this app. On the top right, there is a ‘funnel-shaped’ sign. Click on it and you will have a list of avoidable ingredients like Dairy, Egg, Sesame, Gluten, Seafood, etc., which you do not want to add. So, if you select “Gluten” and apply, you will get the list supplying gluten-free Burger products.
  • Check for Nutrient Value: If you want specific nutrient value for carbs, fats, calories, and proteins, then mention their values. This will provide you with proper product and brand selling a healthy product with the exact nutritional value.

Thus, BcLapp is made with a focus on inculcating healthy eating habits, to shop in a smarter way, and leading a better life. This app has revolutionized the way people shop for their food products by also focusing on the ingredient or nutrition based search to find healthier options.


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