Advanced Scanning of Product Codes & Labels with BcLapp

People pledge to go healthy and have resolutions from time to time. Approximately, 45% of Americans hope to remain fit in 2019 as per their New Year resolution data. Many begin dieting with an aim to lose flab and remain fit but lose hope and get back to old ways. Educating people about their food choices, helping them to buy products or make recipes and consuming them responsibly is BcLapp’s purpose. This purpose is aided by its capability for advanced scanning of product codes and labels using Digimarc Technology for product related information.

The app is a modern-age solution to those people struggling with their diet plans. Thankfully, the app developers have put in some cool tactics of guiding healthy products, including the available brands. In fact around 75% of the Americans assume that they eat healthily. This provides an upper hand to the consumers who can use an app for shopping management.


How Does Advanced Scanning of Product Codes and Labels Help?

BcLapp uses Digimarc Technology  under license from the Digimarc Corporation to provide its users latest solutions. Now users can easily scan and read different types of codes including barcode, QR codes, smart labels, image codes and audio codes. Barcodes and smart labels carry a lot of information to interpret. They say a lot about the nutritional value, ingredients and various other details of the products. As per the report in 2018, around 67% of Americans are eager to make healthy food purchases.


How To Use This Innovative Scanning Technology?

This scanning option helps to interpret information from images, audio and thermal labels from products using Digimarc . Users can even use the app to scan digital images and audio or thermal labels barcodes. Users will find the scan option in the search bar section of dashboard. This is where the intuitive Digimarc technology comes to use. Scan products to instantly get all the information needed about a product in an easily interpret-able manner .  Users can also search by typing and filtering products as per its nutrient value or ingredient content.

People should have tools to go ahead in their mission of better healthy lifestyle. They should know what to eat and what to skip. BcLapp serves that purpose by interpreting information using advanced scanning of product codes and labels.

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