Personalized Shopping Management Assistant

(BcLapp is now ShopperCaddie+)


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Awesome Benefits

Barcode Scan     Smart Label Scan(+)     Recipe Search     Grocery Search     Ingredient Based Search     Ingredient Warning

List     List-Share     Smart  Speaker(+)     Wallet     Loyalty Cards     Receipts     Coupons     Warranties

Gift Cards     Photo Print @Walgreens(+)     Food Storage     Meal Tracker & Planner     Calorie Tracker     Expense Tracker

Consumer News     Expiry Alerts     Recall Alerts(+)     Cloud Based(Access from Android or IOS)     FAQ ChatBot


(+) Benefits only in ShopperCaddie+

ShopperCaddie Personalized Shopping Management app is an AI powered shopping assistant to help shoppers with various aspects of shopping life cycle. While…

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    ShopperCaddie is envisioned as a product to help shoppers from all walks of life to manage the process of shopping. The international nature of the team that is involved in the conceptualization and development of the concept and product, has gone to great details to provide solutions for shoppers. The key mission here is to give timely information that helps to make better decisions in planning, product selection, price savings and product utilization or consumption in a responsible and sustainable manner.