A personal shopping management assistant for Shoppers who want more!

From creating diet plans and finding ingredients specific foods to organizing specific nutrition intake. A wallet with features like storing loyalty cards, receipts, coupons, product notifications, and tracking expenses. ShopperCaddie does it all!

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Personalized Shopping Management and Analytics In The Palm of Your Hand

Before ShopperCaddie — shopping for food and ensuring proper nutrition is… dare we say, EXHAUSTING!

Whether you are…
Looking for specific items your Spouse loves
In search of kid or allergy-safe foods
Worried about sticking to a diet
Buying the right ingredients for a recipe
In need of help budgeting

Truth is, in this modern world, groceries have become a big task.

One that requires calendars, lists, cards, going to multiple stores, searching, guessing, and spending too much. Even worse, storing food for optimal nutrition and keeping track of it all is really hard!

After ShopperCaddie — you will have PEACE-OF-MIND, CONFIDENCE, and EXCITEMENT at the market and at home. Let’s explain with a little story…

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Awesome Benefits

Barcode Scan

Smart Scan(+)

Recipe Search

Grocery Product Search

Grocery Product Search and Buy from Walmart (+)

Ingredient Based Search

Ingredient Warning



Smart Speaker


Loyalty Cards




Gift Cards

Photo Print @Walgreens(+)

Food Storage

Meal Tracker & Planner

Macro & Micro Nutrition Tracker

Expense Tracker

Consumer News

Expiry Alerts

Recall Alerts(+)

Cloud Based(Access from Android or IOS)

FAQ ChatBot

(+) Benefits only in ShopperCaddie+

01. Alexa


02. Assistant

Help Shopper

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Use the ShopperCaddie app to manage almost everything related to shopping. This page is dedicated for ShopperCaddie community to educate themselves about topics that are directly or indirectly related to shopping, product consumption and its impact.

Product Selection

We compiled product information to help you know exactly what is in the products you use. This includes analyzing ingredients and labels, decoding those big ingredient lists full of words you don’t know, real talk about calorie count, and more. If you should avoid it, this app will tell you while also giving the detail of the use of a particular additive or ingredients!

Nutrition Control

We get it, allergies, fat content, carbs… managing it all is overwhelming. Luckily our app is designed to not just alert you of dangers but also stick to diets like a pro. Use the diet planner to plan and tracker (subscription only) to know and monitor exactly what you had last month and last year as well.  

Recipe & Storage Recommendations

Love a certain cuisine? Want to know what recipes are available? We’ve got you covered. Our app not only allows you to search by cuisine but also by diet! Furthermore, we suggest the best ways to keep the food fresh for longer!

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  • No Ads
  • Search Recipes & Products (Limited)
  • Access Wallet Benefits (Limited)
  • Consumer Shopping News
  • Alerts
  • Food Storage
  • Shareable Lists
  • Recall
  • Smart Voice Assistant



  • Free Version +
  • Search Recipes & Products
  • Access Wallet Benefits
  • Diet Planner
  • Diet & Nutrition ( Macro & Micro) Tracking
  • Expense Tracking & Budgeting

Who We Are

Dreamers and Pragmatists who create products and services that help people live a better life. The ShopperCaddie team is composed of international consumers, app developers, and tech nerds. We have gone to great lengths in order to provide a comprehensive shopping management solution which gets better with each version.

Our Mission

The key goal with this app is to give users accurate, relevant and timely information that will lead to better decisions in planning, selection, saving, and utilization of products. We seek to help make buying and consuming responsible and sustainable for all and help in narrowing the gaps towards achieving a circular economy.

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